Wooden Casement Windows In Slough & Berkshire

Casements are the most popular style of window in the UK. They are fitted with an outward-opening mechanism alongside fixed panes, making them easy to use. New Look Double Glazing wooden casement windows are engineered using state of the art equipment and technology which makes them long-lasting, durable and insulating. When combined with high-quality glazing, they create a thermally efficient window that is also easy to maintain. For added security, our wooden casement windows are equipped with a multi-point locking system as well as the added option of night ventilation to provide you with exceptionally secure windows.

What are wooden windows?

Wood is a natural material and has been used for the production of windows for hundreds of years across the world. At New Look Double Glazing, we use only the highest quality and responsibly sourced wooden materials from sustainable forests, ensuring that they provide both superior aesthetics and performances, whilst reducing their environmental impact. Our wooden window frames are made from solid pieces of wood, significantly increasing their durability. They’ll give your home an amiable aesthetic that modern materials cannot replicate. By choosing our wooden windows, you will be reducing your properties carbon footprint and serving the environment while also not missing out on any of the benefits of a modern window. 


The flush casement window closes evenly into the outer frame, meaning it sits in line with the face of the window resulting in the lip being invisible from the outside. This adds to the beauty of the design of our flush casement windows, making them a pleasant spectacle. It is for these reasons that this style has risen in popularity among our customers who desire neat and stylish windows.

Why choose New Look Double Glazing wooden casement windows?

Our wooden frames are dense and robust and produced from sustainable sources, making them environmentally friendly thus reducing your properties carbon footprint. In addition to being environmentally friendly, wood is a naturally insulating material, ensuring that heat is kept inside your property as well as preventing draughts from entering, allowing an ideal temperature in your property all year round. Our wooden frames are coated with microporous paint which acts as a barrier to liquid water but allows water vapour to pass through, which enables the wood to breathe while also providing a stunning look. A coating of microporous paint means that the wood will not absorb moisture, rot or warp during its lengthy lifespan which is at least 60 years. During this lifespan, maintenance is also extremely simple as the wood will only require varnishing every 5-7 years which will certainly ensure that the authenticity of the wood is not compromised.


Wooden windows from New Look Double Glazing exceed in giving you value for your money. Their beautiful design and simplicity of their engineering allow them to be used across a wide range of properties, despite the notion that these windows primarily suit traditional properties. These windows offer excellent security and insulation, as well as the versatility of fitting with an array of architectural styles, from Victorian properties to modern apartments. By choosing our wooden windows, you will save on excess heating bills as they help to reduce heat loss from your home.

Style and security

Wooden casement windows combine a traditional look with modern performance to satisfy your expectations of a window. These windows are suitable for any style of property owing to a variety of customisations. Whether you have a Victorian-style property or a modern apartment, our wooden casement windows will add style, kerb appeal and value to your property. The appeal and natural beauty of a wooden window is unmatched by any other material while leaving nothing to desire in terms of security and modern adaptability. If you desire your property to retain a historic appearance, our authentic wooden frames are perfect for you. We can also accommodate a more modern property through our large array of colours and styles. Our wooden casement windows are permanently bonded with unobtrusive seals to ensure any rain is kept outside and your valuable possessions are kept inside via our multi-point locks. The glass in our wooden windows is 20-24mm thick which will not just keep the cold out but will also protect you against unwanted intruders.

Noise reduction

We design our wooden casement windows using advanced contemporary technology. A key benefit of this is the noise reduction in your property. Therefore, if you do not wish for external sound to disturb your peace when relaxing or working at home, our wooden casement windows are the right choice for you, thanks to the thick 24mm glass. The benefit of noise reduction can be experienced with our triple glazed windows as well as our double-glazed windows.

Elegance and durability

Wood is a highly versatile material that perfectly suits older properties while not looking out of place in newer properties. New Look Double Glazing offers wooden casement windows in a range of beautiful colours to ensure you find the perfect colour and style for your property. Our wooden casement windows are available in several wood stains, ensuring a timeless look to your property.


Highly energy efficient

Our uPVC flush casement windows are A+ rated as standard and made-to-measure for a perfect fit. The frame a multi-chamber profiles to prevent heat from escaping and low-e internal glass to reflect heat into your property. New Look Double Glazing uPVC flush casement windows also keep out the cold by filling the gaps between the panes with Argon gas. Then there are the double weather-resistant Q-lon seals to keep out rain and draughts. It’s all this that keeps your home warmer, quieter and helps save you money on energy bills. In addition to this, our multi-chamber uPVC window profiles trap air and create a thermal barrier for increasingly better thermal performance. Our uPVC flush casement windows have a 1.4 U value.

Robust and environmentally friendly

Despite the authenticity of our wooden casement windows, they do not lack in robustness as we manufacture these windows using the highest quality materials. Our wood is also sustainably sourced so you can rest assured that you will be helping the environment by reducing your properties carbon footprint.

Key features

  • A naturally insulating window frame material to keep heat inside your property
  • Robust and durable material
  • Stylish and complementary
  • Fitted with secure multi-point locks as standard
  • Manual opening only
  • Finished in a weather-resistant protective coating
  • Only requires varnishing every 5-7 years
  • Long-lasting material – at least 60 years
  • Produced from sustainable sources

Wooden Casement Window Colour Options

Windows are preserved-painted-finished in 5 stages:

  1. Chemical preservation stage directly dipping into a preservative solution to protect against moisture absorption
  2. Chemical preservation stage directly dipping into the preservative solution to protect against fungi, pests, and mould
  3. Primer/Undercoat
  4. Pre-Final Coat – machine sprayed
  5. Final Coat – machine sprayed

Our wooden casement windows are available in any RAL colour

4 Steps To Your New Windows


Design and survey

Our expert team assist you in choosing the perfect windows for you and measurements are taken


All our windows are manufactured in a bespoke way


Installation is made easy and stress-free with our professional installers


We provide a 10-year guarantee for your peace of mind

FAQs About Wooden Casement Windows

Will wooden windows add value to my property?

Short answer, yes. New double-glazed windows certainly add value to any property according to estate agents and other experts. Wooden windows not only add value, but also add kerb appeal and beauty to your property and are aesthetically pleasing!

Which type of wood do you use?

Modern UPVC should last the lifetime of the property, without rotting, rusting, peeling, or flaking. If your UPVC windows show any of these signs, then they may need to be replaced sooner. Our 10-year guarantee means that we can replace your UPVC windows if you have any of these problems.

How many stages are your wooden windows painted in?

Windows are preserved-painted-finished in 5 stages:

  1. Chemical preservation stage directly dipping into a preservative solution to protect against moisture absorption
  2. Chemical preservation stage directly dipping into the preservative solution to protect against fungi, pests and mould
  3. Primer/Undercoat
  4. Pre-Final Coat – machine sprayed
  5. Final Coat – machine sprayed
What maintenance do wooden windows require?

We recommend re-varnishing every 5 to 7 years to maintain the authenticity of the wood.