Aluminium Sash Windows In Slough & Berkshire

New Look Double Glazing’s aluminium sash windows preserve the traditional characteristics of your property but thanks to contemporary technology they are also extremely energy efficient. Traditionally, sash windows are found in Victorian and period properties but there is an increasingly high demand for the sliding sash window in modern properties also. The classical nature of sash windows and their elegant appearance can add a touch of class to any property. Our aluminium sash windows feature a deep bottom rail with a vertical sliding sash and an inward opening mechanism which is simple to use and allows you control the ventilation in your property. Our reliable and expert manufacturing style means that just like all our windows, our aluminium sash windows exceed in keeping you warm and safe whilst giving your property a stunning look.

Why choose aluminium windows?

If you are looking for the ultimate contemporary performance and aesthetics, aluminium is certainly the right choice for you. Their slim-line appearance, minimal frame and maximum glass area are making these windows increasingly popular among our customers who desire a modern look to their property. They are the slimmest frame on the market. They are also adaptable to a range of properties, for example, by opting for a wood effect finish, aluminium windows can blend in with a Victorian property. In their most simple form, New Look Double Glazing’s aluminium windows look stunning in modern properties. Despite their slimline frames, they are robust and sturdy enough to withstand extreme force and wear and tear. We ensure this by using the highest quality aluminium for our window frames. So, if you are looking for a long-lasting sturdy frame, aluminium is one of the strongest materials available in our selection, with the ability to last at least 45 years.

Why choose New Look Double Glazing’s aluminium sash windows?

Our aluminium sash windows combine the classical and timeless sash style with the contemporary aluminium material which will ensure virtually zero maintenance as well as state of the art security and exceptional insulation. They include a tilt function for effortless cleaning, child-safety catches, secure locking mechanisms and effective weather seals. All in all, New Look Double Glazing’s aluminium sash windows possess all the elegance of a traditional sash window alongside the added excellence of modern technology which counters the drawbacks of the traditional sash such as draughts and lack of weatherproofing.


Aluminium is one of the most cost-effective options for windows. The beautiful design and simplicity of engineering allows aluminium sash windows to be used across a wide range of properties. These windows offer excellent security and insulation, as well as the versatility of fitting with an array of architectural styles, from Victorian properties to modern apartments.

Extremely secure

Equipped with multi-point locking systems and other security features, your safety is assured with our aluminium sash windows. Our windows are also rigorously tested against extreme force which when combined with the inherent unmatchable strength of aluminium will give you peace of mind that your property is safe from would-be intruders. Our aluminium sash windows are beaded from the inside which prevents the glass from being removed from the outside to provide you with exceptional security. You can also keep your property ventilated day and night without even slightly compromising your security with our secure ventilation. We offer you the choice to design your new aluminium sash windows just the way you want with additional features and customisations which suit your property.

Thermally efficient

New Look Double Glazing’s cutting-edge manufacturing ensures that our aluminium windows are exceedingly thermally insulating, capable of achieving A+ energy ratings and have a u-value of 1.0 (W/m²K). A key benefit of the slimline frames in our aluminium sash windows is that they allow more natural light to enter your property. The extra light created, and the illusion of extra space will certainly be a pleasant surprise. This also guarantees you a wider view of the outside as well as providing a stunning appearance to your property from the outside. Heat is kept inside your property due to a special polyamide thermal barrier whilst the cold is kept outside due to a draught-free design. You can therefore expect to save significantly on your energy bills with aluminium sash windows’ thermal abilities whilst keeping cool in the summer and warm in the winter thanks to the thermally conductive barriers in our aluminium sash windows. 

Stylish and robust

Despite the thin and stylish aluminium frame, these windows are incredibly robust and are capable of withstanding immense force. Thanks to the state-of-the-art materials and technology we use to manufacture our aluminium sash windows, they are also long-lasting and insulating. These windows are also extremely thermally efficient thanks to aluminium’s natural insulating abilities. By opting for our sash windows, you will receive all these benefits as well as becoming a proud owner of one of the most popular window style in the UK whilst enhancing the beauty of your property with our sleek, thin, and stunning aluminium frames. 

Noise reduction

We design our aluminium sash windows using advanced contemporary technology. A key benefit of this is the noise reduction in your property. Therefore, if you do not wish for external sound to disturb your peace when relaxing or working at home, our aluminium sash windows are the right choice for you, thanks to the thick 28mm glass. The benefit of noise reduction can be experienced with our triple glazed windows as well as our double-glazed windows.

Low maintenance

The brilliance of modern aluminium is that it is virtually maintenance-free. So, by choosing our aluminium windows, you will not have to worry about replacement windows for many years and will also not have to spend time and effort in keeping them looking new. This is except for the occasional wiping with a damp cloth. In this regard, aluminium windows are even easier to clean than uPVC windows as they have less static electricity, meaning they do not attract dust. Our aluminium window frames are powder coated which means they will not need to be repainted and the colour will not fade over time.  

Environmentally friendly

Aluminium is one of the most environmentally friendly materials on the planet and can be recycled infinitely, helping to save production energy.

Key features

  • Made in a bespoke way with modern spiral balance
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Draught free
  • Extremely secure with multi-point locking system
  • Easy cleaning
  • Protection against outside weather with effective weather seals
  • External noise reduction- 28mm thick glass
  • Slim-line elegant glazing bars available
  • Transmittance: UW ≥ 1,0 (W/m²K)
  • Maximum acoustic insulation: Rw=45 dB
  • Air permeability: (BS EN 12207): ClASS 4
  • Water tightness: (BS EN 12208): ClASS E1200
  • Wind resistance: (BS EN 12210): ClASS CE 2400
  • Security test: PAS 24: APT

    Aluminium Sash Window Colour Options

    Our aluminium frames are polyester-powder coated in a wide range of RAL colours. Our standard range of RAL colours give your windows a beautiful premium look.



    BLACK 9005

    If this does not satisfy your needs, choose from a wide variety of RAL palette options, metallic, anodised or even woodgrain finishes.


    4 Steps To Your New Windows


    Design and survey

    Our expert team assist you in choosing the perfect windows for you and measurements are taken


    All our windows are manufactured in a bespoke way


    Installation is made easy and stress-free with our professional installers


    We provide a 10-year guarantee for your peace of mind

    FAQs About Aluminium Sash Windows

    What is the best option for me to replace my steel windows?

    Aluminium is the perfect replacement for old steel windows and only come at a fraction of the cost of steel. Aluminium windows are superior to steel windows in versatility, design, and in thermal and security performance.

    Are aluminium windows easy to maintain?

    Aluminium windows are extremely low maintenance, needing just an occasional wipe down with a cloth.

    Are aluminium windows energy efficient?

    Our cutting-edge manufacturing ensures that our aluminium windows are exceedingly thermally insulating, capable of achieving A+ energy ratings and have a u-value of 1.0 (W/m²K).

    Is aluminium environmentally friendly?

    Aluminium is very sustainable, endlessly recyclable, and very environmentally friendly.