Double Glazing Reading

Double glazing is a great investment for any home in Reading, as it comes with numerous amounts of benefits. Double glazing will significantly improve the thermal efficiency, soundproofing, and security of a property. So invest in your perfect double glazing and get in touch with us today!

We offer a wide range of double glazed products, crafted to premium quality. Transform your Reading home with New Look Double Glazing, experience excellent service from our dedicated team of specialists, and receive high quality products that are built to last.

How Double Glazing Works

Double glazing is crafted with two glass panes that have a space in between filled with insulating gas. Their intelligent structure allows them to be significantly more durable and thermally efficient when compared with single glazing. So replace your old single-glazed windows, doors, or conservatory with our incredible high-quality double-glazed ones with New Look Double Glazing!

Oustanding Advantages

At New Look Double Glazing, we offer a wide range of double-glazed products that will hugely benefit your home, reducing heat loss and helping to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. So you and your family can relax in your Reading home that remains at a comfortable temperature all year round. Our double glazing can help homeowners reduce how often they use their central heating, which will lower energy bills and their carbon footprint.

Additionally, double glazing is extremely durable and tougher to brake which can be an excellent deterrent to unwanted intruders. This is also perfect for homeowners who live in a busy area as it can enhance your property’s soundproofing, creating a more peaceful and quiet atmosphere.

Durable material

Security is important, which is why investing in the perfect double glazing for your home will help add the necessary protection. Its intelligent structure means it is remarkably more durable than single glazing, so will be less likely to break under pressure. As modern burglary techniques develop, it becomes increasingly important that homeowners do everything possible to help protect their homes. So invest in our double glazing today and rest easy with high-quality products you can trust. 

Installation Experts

Here at New Look Double Glazing, we provide our clients with an efficient installation process. Removing old windows and installing new double-glazed ones, quickly and professionally without damaging the quality of the product. Our dedicated team of specialists will ensure your new double glazing is installed securely and is fully sealed so it will be sure to last a lifetime.

Double Glazing Prices In Reading

Upgrade your Reading home with our incredible and cost-efficient double-glazed products! Contact us  and our friendly team of experts will work alongside you in starting your new project. We are looking forward to hearing from you. 

4 Steps To Your New Double Glazing


Design and survey

Our expert team assist you in choosing the perfect door for you and measurements are taken


all our doors are manufactured in a bespoke way


Installation is made easy and stress-free with our professional installers


We provide a 10-year guarantee for your peace of mind