Structural Glass In Slough & Berkshire

Structural Glass can be utilised in roofing areas to create a fully glazed roof to any space or room. It is ideal for internal rooms where external windows do not allow much sunlight to come into your property. Another handy use for this stunning glass is in extensions or conservatories where light from the side windows can be restricted by neighbouring properties.

These overhead elements of structural glazing will allow the maximum amount of natural light to enter a space and with the improvements in glass technology, can keep a space at a comfortable temperature regardless of the outside weather. Structural Glass roofs will generally need some type of structural support. Low Iron glass beams can give a great completely transparent horizontal element to a space with frameless detailing at the edges to hide all brackets and fixings to the structural glass beam.

What is structural glazing?

It can bear weight both horizontally and vertically, and it can be bonded using everything from minimal glass beams and supports to heavy-duty steel struts, meaning it can be used on almost any scale, with almost any aesthetic imaginable. Everything from completely frameless sliding glass doors to load-bearing high-strength glass floors can be created.

Why use structural glazing?

  • Structural glazing can offer a greater coherence and connection
  • Rather than creating a greenhouse-like effect, thermal glass technology exploits the “solar gain”
  • The inclusion of structural glazing also adds an element of modern luxury to any home
  • Advances in technology mean that insulation is one of the great advantages of using structural glass.

Easy to clean

Structural glass from New Look Double Glazing is easy to maintain. It can be wiped from the inside and outside with little hassle. To ensure effortless cleaning, the glass is easy-to-clean. Thanks to an advanced easy clean external coating that promotes self-cleaning, maintenance is significantly reduced, and this coating protects the glass from discolouration.

Brilliant thermal performance

Our advanced manufacturing techniques ensure optimal thermal performance. Conservatories and extensions are typically cold and hard to stay in but thanks to the brilliant thermal performance of structural glazing you can use your conservatory or extension during even the coldest of winter days. You can be certain that no draughts or wind will come in through your roof as we have made these roofs airtight.

Structural glass allows natural light to flow into your property, meaning you will have little to no use of your room lights, helping you to save a considerable amount on your energy bills. The profiles feature a polyamide thermal break which acts as an effective deterrent against cold weather. This will help you to save on your heating bills.

Add value to your property

Extensions and conservatories add significant value to your property. By installing structural glass from New Look Double Glazing, you will certainly be adding a major selling point if you decide to sell your property.

4 steps to your new Glazed Roofs


Design and survey

Our expert team assist you in choosing the glazed roof for you and measurements are taken


All our glazed roofs are manufactured in a bespoke way


Installation is made easy and stress-free with our professional installers


We provide a 10-year guarantee for your peace of mind

FAQs about Structural Glass

What is structural glass?

Structural glass is several frameless glass panels assembled to form a structure.

What is structural glass used for?

It has a range of uses, from joining two buildings to simply creating a room with complete outdoor views.