Bi-Folding Doors In Slough & Berkshire

Picture a warm sunny day at home with your loved ones and natural sunlight flooding into your property through the glass panes of beautiful bi-folding doors. Then picture a late summer evening, folding open your bi-folding doors and enjoying the cool summer breeze whilst firing up the BBQ. This can be your reality if you choose our stunning bi-folding doors and what better feeling?

Seamless outdoor transition

Bi-folding doors are a stylish solution for connecting your property with your garden. They allow you to transform your property by replacing a wall with a folding door, primarily consisting of glass, and allowing light to beam into your property. Made from robust lightweight aluminium, add a touch of elegance to your property with these slimline doors. The minimal aluminium frame maximises light and offers a seamless indoor to outdoor transition. Bi-folding doors give your property a brilliant impression to guests and are perfect for large summer gatherings for both day and night. The folding sliding feature is effortless to use for all ages and certainly adds a luxurious feel to your property.

What are bi-folding doors?

Bi-folding doors are doors made up of panels that fold against the wall in parts. They are usually found on the rear of the house leading to a patio or garden but can just as well be used for a terrace or a balcony. These doors are simple to open and close thanks to the sliding track that the framed glass panels are placed upon. The door panels effortlessly stack up on one side with a concertina style fold, allowing you larger indoor living space. Unlike patio doors which remain half-open, bi-folding doors open fully, allowing a seamless connection with the outdoors.

Why choose bi-folding doors?

The strength of aluminium allows it to support the larger panes of glass even with slimmer frames, giving you a stunning unrestricted view of your garden. The brilliance of these doors is that they give the illusion of a larger room whilst offering an entertaining view. Bi-folding doors will play a focal point in every garden party thanks to their pleasing aesthetics and the sash folding feature which is admired by so many. The sashes on bi-folding doors can fold both internally and externally. You can fold all the sashes to either side, leaving you with a single large door. However, a more stunning feature of bi-folding doors is the ability to create a double door, which can be done by folding all the sashes into the middle. Bi-folding doors can create a glazed screen that allows maximum light during the colder months and can easily glide to open up an entire wall during the warmer months. You can opt for low thresholds for unimpeded, easy access, or rebated thresholds for improved weather resistance. The choices are endless!

Made in a bespoke way

With New Look Double Glazing’s bi-folding doors, every detail is designed to your liking. You can choose the number of panels, from as little as 2, to as most as 7. You can also choose the direction of opening and if you choose an odd number of panels i.e. 3, 5, or 7, you can include a primary door for ease of access. If you choose an even number of panels, a primary door is not as important, but you can still opt for one. In this case, the primary door will slide in one direction and the remaining doors will fold towards the opposite side. You can also choose the colour that perfectly matches your property from our wide range of options. This will be coated with powder-coat to ensure that the vibrancy of the colour does not fade away.

Extremely secure

Aluminium is an inherently strong material, capable of withstanding extreme force, so you can rest assured that our bi-folding doors will not fail you against unwanted intruders and forced entry. As is the case with all our products, our bi-folding doors are fitted with advanced multi-point locks on the main opening sashes to ensure your safety, the safety of your family and your possessions. We have also fitted shoot-bolt locking on floating mullions. The primary door is equipped with a Yale 3-star cylinder lock. We have designed the glass and door frame to withstand immense force with robust hinges and internal glazing beads which prevents the glass from being from removed from the outside.  


Despite aluminium’s lightweight and ultra-thin frame, it is an inherently strong material, giving you a robust and stylish door. The significant strength of aluminium will protect your property against intruders. New Look Double Glazing’s advanced manufacturing means that our aluminium doors are capable of enduring extreme weathers. They deliver the perfect combination of strength and performance.

Thermally efficient

Our bi-folding doors feature a polyamide thermal break that is extremely effective in keeping the cold out and the heat in.  The large panes of glass will allow the natural light and heat of the sun to stream into your property, helping you to save on both light and heating bills. The inherent insulation capabilities of aluminium as well as our advanced manufacturing also enhanced the thermal capabilities of bi-folding doors. With optimum levels of insulation, New Look Double Glazing’s bi-folding doors will keep you protected from all types of weather and will keep your property at a comfortable temperature all year round. Although these doors are ideal for summer, they will not let you down during winter thanks to their excellent thermal qualities. The tightly fitted frames and high-quality glazing will ensure that cold spots do not enter your property, making these doors extremely weatherproof.  



Our bi-folding doors are fitted with a child safety system to prevent any trapped fingers. We have also fitted strong magnetic pads, so when the panels and folded on to each other, they are firmly held in place.

Noise reduction

We design our aluminium bi-folding doors using advanced contemporary technology. A key benefit of this is the noise reduction in your property. Therefore, if you do not wish for external sound to disturb your peace when relaxing or working at home, our aluminium  bi-folding doors are the right choice for you.


Our aluminium bi-folding doors are not just beautifully designed but are also cost-effective. Their premium look adds a touch of class to any property. These doors offer excellent security and insulation, as well as the versatility of fitting with an array of architectural styles, from Victorian properties to modern apartments.

Low maintenance

The brilliance of modern aluminium is that it is virtually maintenance-free. So, by choosing our aluminium bi-folding doors, you will not have to worry about replacement doors for many years and will also not have to spend time and effort in keeping them looking new. This is except for the occasional wiping with a damp cloth. Our aluminium bi-folding doors are powder coated which means they will not need to be repainted and the colour will not fade over time.  

Environmentally friendly

Aluminium is one of the most environmentally friendly materials on the planet and can be recycled infinitely, helping to save production energy.

Key features

  • Breath-taking unrestricted outdoor view
  • Perfect for summer- brings the outdoors in
  • Variety of colour options to choose from
  • Powder-coat finish so the colour does not fade
  • Highly secure with multi-point locks and toughened glass and hinges
  • Optimised insulation
  • Made to measure- choose from 2 to 7 panels
  • Light and slim frame but robust
  • Ultramodern look
  • Child safety system
  • U Value: 1.5W/m²K using 1.0 W/m²K centre pane
  • Document L compliant
  • BS 6375-1:2009 approved

    Bi-Folding Door Colour Options

    Our aluminium frames are polyester-powder coated in a wide range of RAL colours. Our standard range of RAL colours give your windows a beautiful premium look.



    BLACK 9005

    If this does not satisfy your needs, choose from a wide variety of RAL palette options, metallic, anodised or even woodgrain finishes.


    4 steps to your new doors


    Design and survey

    Our expert team assist you in choosing the perfect door for you and measurements are taken


    All our Doors are manufactured in a bespoke way


    Installation is made easy and stress-free with our professional installers


    We provide a 10-year guarantee for your peace of mind

    FAQs about Bi-Folding Doors

    What are bi-folding doors?

    In essence, they are doors which replace an entire wall in your home. They are made up of numerous panels which fold onto one another giving you an unimpeded outdoor view.

    How many panels do your bi-folding doors have?

    Bi-folding doors have a minimum of two panels and a maximum of 7 panels.

    Are bi-folds secure?

    Bi-folding doors are fitted with multi-point locks and an inline tracking system which prevents them from being lifted out of place.

    How much do bi-folding doors cost?

    Bi-folding doors may be more expensive than alternative French doors and patio doors, but you will not be disappointed. Get a quote from us today to see how much it would cost you to transform your home with our stunning bi-folding doors.