Curtain Walling In Slough & Berkshire

Curtain walling from New Look Double Glazing provides impressive and practical glazed facades, suitable for high-rise and smaller commercial buildings. Our aluminium curtain walling system creates a remarkable continuous area of glass which not only possesses high performance and functionality but also enhances building aesthetics.  A key benefit of aluminium curtain walling is the incredible amount of natural light that it allows into office buildings which can transform the inside space and give an aesthetically pleasing look on the outside. Our aluminium curtain walls are incredibly versatile and can be designed to complement its surroundings. These curtain wall systems are designed to compliment the most beautiful high-rise buildings.

Perfect for commercial buildings

Curtain walling has become an indispensable part of any commercial building which is why here at New Look Double Glazing, we strive in ensuring our commercial clients have the most aesthetically pleasing buildings. Curtain walling offers a magnificent replacement for existing solid walls. They can turn an ordinary room into something spectacular. The uninterrupted facades allow unimpeded panoramic views of the city and offer an amazing correlation between the inside and outside. Our aluminium curtain walling gives a truly luxurious appearance to any commercial building with slim and elegant aluminium frames and high-quality glass from roof to ceiling.

Easy to install

Curtain walling from New Look Double Glazing is quicker to install as the whole components are manufactured in our factory as single units and then assembled on site.

Add value to property

Aluminium curtain walling certainly adds aesthetic value to any commercial building. Here at New Look Double Glazing, we manufacture our curtain walling in-house to ensure 100% quality every time. Therefore, you can be certain that as well as aesthetic value, the monetary value will also increase with out aluminium curtain walling.


Our aluminium curtain walls have been rigorously tested against the harshest weather conditions and we are proud to say that they have passed these tests with flying colours. New Look Double Glazing curtain walling is CWCT compliant so you can rest assured that our curtain walling is more than capable of surviving the toughest climates. Curtain walling from New Look Double Glazing is joint beautifully with weatherproof seals for enhanced weatherproofing.

Thermally efficient

Our curtain walling is made from thermally broken aluminium polyamide and there is a double thermal bridge between the internal channel and external capping.  Our glazing units are joined by silicone joint seals for optimal thermal performance which helps to return a low u value of 0.85W/m²K (0.7 centre pane) 1.1W/m²K (1.0 centre pane).

Noise reduction

We design our aluminium curtain walling using advanced contemporary technology. A key benefit of this is the noise reduction in commercial buildings in bustling areas.

Environmentally friendly

Aluminium is one of the most environmentally friendly materials on the planet and can be recycled infinitely, helping to save production energy.

Curtain Walling colour options

Our aluminium frames are polyester powder coated in a wide range of RAL colours. Our standard range of RAL colours give your doors a beautiful premium look.



BLACK 9005

If this does not satisfy your needs, choose from a wide variety of RAL palette options, metallic, anodised or even woodgrain finishes.